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  • How to book an appointment?
    Click to access our booking page here. You can book all our services from there. After you have successfully booked an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • What to expect for the momentum session?
    Most patients need momentum sessions in the 3-6 months following the launching session to continue the in-person treatments if applicable, to review their care plan and make adjustments if necessary. Moreover, you receive the support, guidance and accountability needed for continuous positive changes toward your health goals. Book it here!
  • What to expect for the launching session?
    The initial launching session is for all new patients and patients whose last visit was more than one year ago. After booking the appointment, you will receive a confirmation email and an email with the link to the Intake Form. Please complete the intake form before your appointment. You can also activate your client portal account if you haven't done it already. In your portal, you can access bookings, and prescriptions, and submit documents to your practitioner from one secure place. During our initial visit, we will discuss your health goals and health history, identify risk factors and potential obstacles, and develop an initial care plan that fits you. Book it here!
  • What is the discovery call?
    It is an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about what we can do for you. It is free and conducted through a Zoom meeting or a phone call for up to 15 mins with the healthcare practitioner you have booked the appointment with. Book it here!
  • How do I join the video appointment?
    In the appointment confirmation email, you will get the instruction about how to join the video session. If you have activated your client portal account, you can also sign into your portal and see upcoming sessions on your home page. If it is a video session, a video camera icon will be displayed to the right of your session. Click the icon to join the video meeting when it's time for the appointment.
  • How do I pay?
    We accept online payments. Supported card brands are: MasterCard Visa American Express Discover Japan Credit Bureau (JCB)
  • I'm not living in Ontario, Canada. Can I still have an appointment with you?
    You could have a discovery call with us first to see if we can offer services to you in your case.
  • Are naturopathic doctors covered by OHIP or insurance?
    Naturopathic doctors are not covered by OHIP. However, most extended healthcare insurance plans cover naturopathic visits. Check with your insurance provider about your coverage details. After your payment is processed, we will provide you with a receipt with which you can claim the reimbursement from your insurance provider.
  • Is my personal information safe and secured?
    Yes! The system we use to manage bookings, video meetings, electronic medical records, and billings is called Practice Better. It is fully compliant with multiple privacy regulations, including HIPPA (USA), PIPEDA (Canada), PHIPA (Ontario), and GDPR (EU). All data is encrypted during transfer and at rest. Click here to learn more about how your privacy and security are protected.
  • What is the client portal?
    The client portal is a secure place to access bookings, forms and documents your practitioner has shared with you, payment information, and submit documents to your practitioner. To learn more, click here for a video walkthrough of the client portal.
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